About Us

December 29, 2016

Short Story Library is a free weekly online magazine which offers the best of poetry, microfiction, flash fiction and short stories on the web.  We accept submissions all year round and try to respond within six weeks to the submissions we have received. We are also accepting art work, general articles, book reviews and writing articles for consideration in our publications.

The magazine was formed in May 2008 and has enjoyed a constant growth ever since. If you enjoy the magazine, please sign up for the free weekly newsletter to be notified when our new issues are released!


Magazine Staff

Casey Quinn – Publisher & Editor

Casey Quinn is an avid reader of prose and poetry and created Short Story Library in May of 2008 to provide an outlet for many writers to have their work published. When not reading submissions, posting in the writers forum or marketing the magazine, Casey writes his own prose and poetry in addition to non fiction articles and has had over 1,000 pieces of writing in one form or another published in print or online formats.

His second poetry chapbook Prepare To Crash was released in November 2009 by Big Table Publishing and is available for sale right here.

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