When I Wear My Stilettos – By T.M. Nienaber

There’s something about stilettos that makes a woman really feel like a woman. Makes her feel like she could have the whole world at her feet and be the dream woman of every man out in the world, that her man is lucky to have her, or that she wants a man worth looking good for. It’s not really just the shoes though, it’s knowing how to wear them, every woman does at one point in time, but some forget. There is a point in every woman’s life where, if enough people have beat her down or life has dealt her enough blows, she can never put on her heels again and if she tries they just look awkward and thrown on. This is how you know a woman’s been broken, when she never has a day where she even things about wearing her heels with blue jeans.

I bought new shoes the day after you died. They do wonderful things for my legs. You’d probably just have teased me about having too many shoes to begin with when you saw them though. But when I wear my stilettos I wear them for you, because you’d want me to be the woman they make me.

I got new stilettos the day after you died. I took them out of the box, but I’m scared to wear them out of the house. You see, there’s one other thing about stilettos they don’t tell you. Sure, they make a woman feel like a woman, but one false step and you’ll fall.

And I don’t know who’s going to pick me back up again.

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  1. Hey Theresa,
    Nice short story. Congrats on getting published!

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