Ripped from the headlines – Horror Collection now accepting submissions

ReadMe Publishing is announcing a new horror collection which starts accepting submissions ASAP!

Everyone knows the saying that real life is stranger than fiction. We believe this should be taken even further, that in fact real life is scarier and more horrifying than fiction. We are putting together a collection of short stories inspired by horrific events ripped from the headlines of local or national news. The short stories should be fictitious, however should be based around real events that have splashed the headlines over the last few decades. Think Manson, Think Dahmer, Think back to some horrible article you read and tell us in your mind what REALLY happened!


– Short stories ranging between 4,000 and 6,000 words

– Pays $5.00 per story due on publication

– Payment will be made via paypal only

– Stories should be attached to the email, Subject: Ripped from the Headlines – LAST NAME

– Include a brief 50 word bio with your submission

– Submission address:

– No deadline, the book will be published when a sufficient number of stories have been accepted

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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