Adventures of G.O.D. – By Darlyne Baugh
Flash Fiction / August 8, 2010

Pablo grips a bottle of booze he managed not to drink last night. A block away Miguel and Niña trail pre-school kids who are joined by a tether and are blocking the sidewalk. The children are noisy and joyful. Their smiles glitter under cloudy skies. This is Pablo’s favorite time of day, a modest slice of time when he’s drunk from the night before, but not drunk enough. Bright sun breaks over the Verranzo Bridge, southeast light making its way toward Pablo’s world—a park bench situated along a curved road that faces Piers 88 and 90 on the Manhattan side of the Hudson River. The weight of the bottle in his hand is like a golden chalice of nectar. Unable to wait for Miguel and Niña to close the gap, he twists the bottle top off, gulping sweetness until his throat closes and swallows. His friends see him drink. Alarmed, they slip between parked cars and break into a trot, lest Pablo consume the whole bottle. “Hombre, can’t you wait?” Miguel says breathless, taking the liquor from Pablo and drinking a healthy dose. “Damn that’s good.” “Good morning, chacho,” Pablo says with a pound on Miguel’s back. Niña catches her…

Ripped from the headlines – Horror Collection now accepting submissions
Short Story News / August 8, 2010

ReadMe Publishing is announcing a new horror collection which starts accepting submissions ASAP! Everyone knows the saying that real life is stranger than fiction. We believe this should be taken even further, that in fact real life is scarier and more horrifying than fiction. We are putting together a collection of short stories inspired by horrific events ripped from the headlines of local or national news. The short stories should be fictitious, however should be based around real events that have splashed the headlines over the last few decades. Think Manson, Think Dahmer, Think back to some horrible article you read and tell us in your mind what REALLY happened! Details: – Short stories ranging between 4,000 and 6,000 words – Pays $5.00 per story due on publication – Payment will be made via paypal only – Stories should be attached to the email, Subject: Ripped from the Headlines – LAST NAME – Include a brief 50 word bio with your submission – Submission address: – No deadline, the book will be published when a sufficient number of stories have been accepted