On the Seventh Day – By David Schembri

“The Evolution is complete. You are finished!”

Adam rose and gazed at his perfect fingers. Eve stroked the silky strands of her golden hair as she lay in the lush, green grass of Eden.

“How did you create us?” asked Adam with wonder.

“With all the love in my heart . . . and a little help from the Ape.”

“Ape?” they gasped in unison.

God knelt down to them. “Hush now children,” he whispered. “Let us keep that part to ourselves.”

They grinned with their fingers crossed behind their backs.

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David Schembri’s writings have appeared in: The Horror Day Anthology, Ripples Magazine, The Writing Show, Flashspec Volume 2, Flashshots, AntipodeanSF, LovePoetry, PenPricks, Micro Horror, Backhand Stories, The Specusphere, Long Story Short, Boston Literary Magazine, The Scruffy Dog Review, and the Short Story Library. He is also a committee member of the AHWA. David lives in Victoria, Australia, with his lovely wife and two children. Website: http://www.australianhorror.com/member_pages.php?page=25

  1. A nice chuckle, clever idea.

  2. What a twist! Loved it!

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