The 70’s Energy Crisis, Redux – By Dale Harkness

Ever regret watching a box office movie? Mind you, I’m not talking about remorse for time wasted watching a movie with cinematography so bad it gives pause to wonder if a blind woodsman hacked the film together from discarded footage strewn about a cutting room floor. No, I’m referring to the disdain one feels after realizing a films fundamental message indirectly planted seeds of destruction which lay dormant, waiting for an opportunity to give birth to a plot of torturous retribution.

Only one movie would earn the distinction of a permanent ban in my book – Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Oblivious to my pending doom, my partner and I watched the movie, enjoying its deeply symbolic nature. Portraying the conflict encountered between family members, the movie employed carefully crafted imagery and dialog to convey its message. One phrase, exemplifying the conflict waged between combative parental figures, consisted of two simple words uttered during a scene intended to depict the demonstration of indisputable supremacy. Those two words would return to haunt me in the years to come.

With the passing of time, the relationship with my partner began to falter as differences slowly mounted. Recalling the vile phrase from her memory, my partner devised a plan to wreak a frightful havoc upon my state of well-being. Smugly taunting me when angered, she would speak the two dreadful words heard years ago – embargo on! Feeling the full impact of the embargo, I watched as a life sustaining pleasure eroded into nothingness, leaving only a serious case of the blues. Embargoes, enforced for months on end, proved brutally effective. Seeking absolute subjugation, she laid waste to my morale with a devastating impact far greater than any scorched earth policy could ever possibly achieve. Failing to reach any form of resolution to our conflicts, we finally parted ways. Searching for comfort in humor, I thought to myself, the embargo is over but the drought has only just begun.

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Dale Harkness is a Software Engineer by trade. Like many others, he seeks the coveted holy grail – to have a story professionally published.

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  1. That’s why you need to have at least 2 suppliers. You need to diversify the supply to keep one supplier from taking over 🙂

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