Swingle Limes – By J. Keegan

Go out for poms. Drivers license. An only family graduation party. Crappy grassland university. Communications major. Want ads. No job and having to live at home. Having to waitress forever. Marrying a dud. 1200 square foot house. 2.2 children. Sorority sisters on Facebook. Husband’s affair at the office with a younger, thinner woman. Trying to pluck out gray hairs. Root canal. So Virginia Slims, this is postmodernism?

Spaceship lands, offers other worlds. Psychological exams, 700 Million applicants. One of only 13,000. Saying goodbye to the children. “I’m going to miss key lime pie, but not you little bastards.”

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J. Keegan has had work published in Me Three, Dark Sky Magazine, and again in Dark Sky Magazine, Poetic Voices, Aphelion, Flashshot, Alien Skin, Reflection’s Edge, and as well as Antipodean SF.

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  1. Brilliant micro fiction!

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