Extreme Synesthesia – By Ali Simpson
Flash Fiction / September 20, 2009

“Sew him up…and we’ll see what happens.” The letters were crunchy and a distinct scent of Fritos wafted from them. Dr. Paul Marshall’s name tag would go great with bean dip, Leroy thought. He smacked his dry lips and squinted against the bright light hanging above the operating table. A dull pain pulsed slowly on the top of his melon, but otherwise, he felt fine. “Can I have my 500 dollars now?” Leroy slurred at the watery figures standing above him. Someone was having a hell of a barbeque nearby. “And some chicken?” One of the figures flapped his arms like an ungainly seagull, fat on scraps from Coney Island. “It worked! We’ve got one, sir. We’ve–” Dr. Marshall shushed him. He put a hand on Leroy’s shoulder as the homeless man struggled to sit up. Leroy grasped Dr. Marshall’s nametag and sniffed. He scratched his stubble and stuck his gray tongue out to taste. The doctor swatted him away and grumbled about the fat one’s exuberance. He motioned to his colleague. Leroy slapped his hand over a sudden sharp pain on his head. He felt fresh stitches. Tastes rolled over his tongue in tangy waves and a thousand smells…

FireFly – By S. Scott
Micro Fiction / September 20, 2009

His side of the bed had been empty for weeks but that night I slept deeply. Wrapped safely in the heat of his body, I dreamt the dreams of home, of family and balance restored. Awoken softly by his breath on my cheek, or a chance moment of mutual cognizance I heard him murmur “look up, Sweetheart”. A lingering dot of floating light appeared in the darkness above us, gracefully dancing, vanishing, reappearing. “I brought you a firefly”. About the Author S. Scott S. Scott is from Balm Beach, Ontario, and is currently studying Environmental Governance at the University of Guelph. Recently, she has had several pieces of creative non-fiction published, including ‘Nuts to You. Or Not’ in the Globe and Mail.