Addicted – by Effie Collins

It goes down hard,
this pill of blue.
Sweet, the sensation
it brings.

A body tingling,
a mind trapped
by emotions

long dead.

lost in the bed
of a stranger,
In anger, In lust.

Heart’s crumbled to dust.

Forgive me! I am unwashed
and you hate my hair.
You say it enough.
It hurts, you hurt, I hurt.

Pain goes away
with my little
blue pills and I will…


But, reprieve
only comes
in the form
of blue pills,
washed down

by the water in my hand.

I feel nothing
in and among
the dreams
brought on

by a drugged mind.

Left behind
by a man
whose only respect
is left drying
on my thighs.

I need more.

Want more.
Need more.

Need you, my little blue pills.
My savior, my home.

I want… I need… I am…


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Effie Collins is a writer living the quiet life and trying to make her mark in the publishing world. She lives happily with her husband, three children and their dog, Sarrow, in the Appalachian Mountains.

  1. Wow! Great poem.

  2. Excellent dramatic poem. Well done. Congrats on getting it published here on SSL.

  3. Well done, Effie.


  4. Great poignancy. The tremendous waste of life when sharing bed alone is the point of it and there are no other interests. This poem very well caught the anguish of those caught in such restrictions.

  5. Excellent work, Effie. Well done. 🙂


  6. Thank you for the comments, all. Drug addiction is a hard place to go in poem or fiction because unless you yourself have been addicted, it feels like too much. Really, this doesn’t even scratch the surface of everything that is addiction. A drug addict’s mind is a frightening and lonely place and as Roberta said, filled with anguish. It is a lonely disease. Thanks to each of you for reading and commenting.

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