Scratches – By John Ammirati

You could see on the rocks
Below the bridge
Fingernail scratches
From failed suicides
Trying to climb back up

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John Ammirati was born in Montgomery, Alabama in 1982. He currently lives in Manchester, England and sings for the band Amida. He has previously published stories on Six Sentences

  1. Good idea for a poem, but it needs more work.

  2. You packed a lot of power into so few words. I liked that it was short because it would be like that moment of making a REALLY bad decision. When I go to work I drive over a bridge that has had several suicides and there is always, rain, snow, showers, or sun, a boquet of flowers at the highest point. I liked this poem very much. (Obviouslyl, I can’t capture what you capture in a few words!)


  3. I like this. It hit me in the face one good time.

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