24 Minutes – by Matthew Dexter

It was 24 minutes before midnight
when I cried into the lonesome river of lost hope
and shivered tearless once again,
fearless in a daze I quiver alone
wondering if she will ever hear this,
as the murky water wells slowly upward,
and compels me to shutter
with petrified words I dare not utter,
another summer in hell,
silent sentences and confessions of repentance,
confusions void of trivial amusements,
musings once again better left unspoken,
heard by no one.

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Matthew Dexter is an American freelance writer living in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He writes novels, memoirs, poetry, journalism articles, short stories of literary fiction, short stories of narrative nonfiction, and everything else in between. When Matthew is not writing he enjoys life by the ocean; beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, reading, and being inspired. But never candlelit dinners on the beach. He’s afraid of Pirates.

  1. Re: Poem “24 minutes” – Very fine, well constructed poem, his agonies shared by the reader. Would like to read more of this excellent writer’s work.

  2. I really liked this!

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