The End of the World – By Rachel Chew Blakley
Flash Fiction / July 12, 2009

New Year’s Eve, 2999. For months I’ve been worried about this Y3K stuff – going as far as writing a one-page feature about our looming ruin in my self-published zine Fido, which sells for a dollar fifty to a grand total of six of my relatives down in Los Angeles – yet on the eve of doomsday, terror has entirely slipped my mind. The cause for distraction? A Back to the Future marathon on TV. The rabbit ears hoisted under our snipped-out skylight are only good enough to absorb eight channels out of the airwaves, and all but two are Canadian. Even with the loonies and black-eyed hockey and Folgers, to my parents it’s still more appealing than paying for cable. Our fourteen-inch set dictates that I sit no more than two feet away to actually enjoy anything. “Stop hunching over,” my dad says, offering a small bowl of frozen cherries. The bowl is blue and white, something probably picked up in Chinatown. We’d plucked the cherries during the summer from the slouching fruit trees in the backyard, sometimes lazy in the pitting process, and were now rediscovering the succulent dark spheres months after the outdoor thermometer dropped. Once I…

Dental Records – By A.M. Crenshaw
Micro Fiction / July 12, 2009

Charlie collected teeth from dead children and sucked on them and wore them in his mouth and smiled at parents across the street. He came into my house and stroked my sister’s teeth. I told him not to. I said, “I’ll shoot you, Charlie.” Charlie left and, later, did his thing to a dog. Charlie wore fangs for a weekend and haunted the neighbors with his barking and howling. Then one night when my sister cried and yelled for help, I blew Charlie’s head off with a 12-gauge. Took a dentist to identify Charlie’s body. That, eventually, made me smile.   About the Author A.M. Crenshaw A.M.Crenshaw’s work can be found in the “AGON Literary Magazine” and “Swords into Plowshares” publications.