Another Day In Paradise – By Matthew Dexter

The clouds clung to the horizon
like raindrops dancing with the distant Pacific,
as if hung from the sun by an invisible string.
Significant but nothing more than residual remnants from a miserable tropical depression,
Now deceased and forlorn like the deepening shades of indifferent colors
fluttering upon the receding currents like demented butterflies upon the surface of the water,
wondering how to discern one crashing wave after another,
we sit amid the insipid September afternoon,
nothing more than aquatic silhouettes kissing between two embracing seas,
and the past is nothing but yesterdays shadow,
a passing storm which will never last,
and tomorrow is the carnival of life.

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Matthew Dexter is an American freelance writer living in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He writes novels, memoirs, poetry, journalism articles, short stories of literary fiction, short stories of narrative nonfiction, and everything else in between. When Matthew is not writing he enjoys life by the ocean; beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, reading, and being inspired. But never candlelit dinners on the beach. He’s afraid of Pirates.

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