The Gods Discuss – By Patricia Hysell

May 31, 2009

Luminescent Light wept. Yet again, another killed in Its name. LL was given many names by creatures across the universe, each believing devoutly they were preferred. And each overpowering and forcing their will on weaker beings, all in Its name.

LL was given many names: Zeus, Thor, God, Yahweh, Allah, Mother Nature, Science, and so many more. And that was just on one small insignificant planet out in a spiral arm of one of the smaller galaxies. Focus shifted from the small blue ball and It sighed.

LL gazed around the universe It had brought into being. This was supposed to be different. There was supposed to be an expansion of Love and a creation of Beauty. LL wanted so much more from the armies of galaxies ever expanding. But all was for naught. Entropy would eventually overtake even the selfish, greedy creatures and finally, finally the killing would stop.

LL was powerful, but not quite all-powerful. LL was knowing, but not omniscient. LL had a flaw, like all heroes. LL was an optimist. LL believed with every last subatomic particle, life would tend towards the good. Pshaw.

“When did I ever tell any one set of creatures I was theirs and theirs alone? When did I ever say there was only one way to My house? Did I not make my creatures with enough wit and wisdom? Where did I go wrong?” LL lamented, crying out to an unfeeling Universe.

From the distance an answering voice replied, “You are a fool, Lum. You gave your creatures free will and their will is to please the self. Freedom from want means restraint for all, but greed overpowers the simpletons. Even love means a choosing of one over another. You built them poorly.”

“I am alone in the vastness of eternity! Who are you? Have I finally gone insane?” cried out the Maker.

“I am Deepest Dark, the antithesis of your light. The Yin to your Yang. The opposite of who you think yourself to be.”

“Why are you speaking to me?”

“You asked a question. I thought you were talking to Me. Who did you expect to answer?” sneered DD.

“I expected no answer. I cried out in my anguish. My Universe is not what I had hoped it to be.”

There came an echoing laughter, bitter and dry. The sound of broken glass and crushed leaves, arid and devoid of mirth. “You think you have it bad? In My universe, I did not give them free will. There is nothing but birth, short and mean life, and then death.”

“That’s how it is in My universe, as well,” sobbed LL.

DD’s voice took on a savage tone, sharpened by a knife’s edge of hate, bitterness, jealousy, and longing. “You have art. Your pitiful creatures made art. Pleasures to fill all the senses. Throughout your galaxies, in myriad worlds, there is art.”

DD’s sobbing wracked both universes.

LL was silent. Eons passed, entropy continued. LL sighed and looked once again across the universe.

“Art?” LL whispered. “What is the price of art?”


About the Author

Patricia Hysell

Patricia lives in South Carolina. She writes for Really Good Quotes, an online e-zine, and has flash fiction included in two anthologies.

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