An Excessive Number of Cases in the Children’s Institute – By KJ Hannah Greenberg

May 17, 2009

The other children, who were sired by the tailor, McMullen, were the nieces and nephews of the banker, McNeal. Their neighbor’s daughter, Sally Dunlop, worked in a shirt factory. Eventually, she sought a “proper husband,” married Fred McNeal, and spawned triplets. Two years later, drunk and homeless George McMullen killed Fred and Sally. The orphanage’s population doubled.


About the Author

KJ Hannah Greenberg

KJ Hannah Greenberg and her hibernaculum of imaginary hedgehogs recently found homes for their work in: 365 Tomorrows, AlienSkin Magazine, AntipodeanSF, Bards and Sages, Bewildering Stories, Fallopian Falafel, Morpheus Tales, and Winamop.

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