Limbo – By Daryl Baldwin
Micro Fiction / May 31, 2009

I placed my suitcase by the door and draped my jacket over the solitary chair. Wallpaper peeled at the edges, exposing cracks in the plaster and ironic graffiti; ‘RIP all who enter this room’ scribbled in shaky handwriting. The faded flower motif carpet, threadbare with cigarette burns, almost covered the floor. Only the smell of nicotine unified the decor. The chair rocked on its uneven legs as I slouched onto it and lit a roll-up in a vain attempt to repress the onset of depression. I pulled the photographs from my suitcase and arranged them one by one. Three smiling children’s faces stared at me but I couldn’t focus through the fog of tears.   About the Author Daryl Baldwin Daryl was born in Gloucester, England. He still lives there today. He is married and has three children and 1 dog. He works in a local company making products for aircraft and other vehicles. In his spare time he likes to write screenplays and micro fiction. Reading has played a large part of his life. His love of films inspired him to start his first screenplay 2 years ago. This has progressed into trying his hand at prose and lately,…

The Gods Discuss – By Patricia Hysell
Flash Fiction / May 31, 2009

Luminescent Light wept. Yet again, another killed in Its name. LL was given many names by creatures across the universe, each believing devoutly they were preferred. And each overpowering and forcing their will on weaker beings, all in Its name. LL was given many names: Zeus, Thor, God, Yahweh, Allah, Mother Nature, Science, and so many more. And that was just on one small insignificant planet out in a spiral arm of one of the smaller galaxies. Focus shifted from the small blue ball and It sighed. LL gazed around the universe It had brought into being. This was supposed to be different. There was supposed to be an expansion of Love and a creation of Beauty. LL wanted so much more from the armies of galaxies ever expanding. But all was for naught. Entropy would eventually overtake even the selfish, greedy creatures and finally, finally the killing would stop. LL was powerful, but not quite all-powerful. LL was knowing, but not omniscient. LL had a flaw, like all heroes. LL was an optimist. LL believed with every last subatomic particle, life would tend towards the good. Pshaw. “When did I ever tell any one set of creatures I was…

An Excessive Number of Cases in the Children’s Institute – By KJ Hannah Greenberg
Micro Fiction / May 17, 2009

The other children, who were sired by the tailor, McMullen, were the nieces and nephews of the banker, McNeal. Their neighbor’s daughter, Sally Dunlop, worked in a shirt factory. Eventually, she sought a “proper husband,” married Fred McNeal, and spawned triplets. Two years later, drunk and homeless George McMullen killed Fred and Sally. The orphanage’s population doubled.   About the Author KJ Hannah Greenberg KJ Hannah Greenberg and her hibernaculum of imaginary hedgehogs recently found homes for their work in: 365 Tomorrows, AlienSkin Magazine, AntipodeanSF, Bards and Sages, Bewildering Stories, Fallopian Falafel, Morpheus Tales, and Winamop.

Monster – By RD Armstrong
Flash Fiction / May 17, 2009

Manx read the letter. The words stung like a load of rock salt; like an ulcer flaring up. The words were harsh, cruel and vindictive. Unfortunately, a part of what was written had the ring of truth. At least, part of him wanted to believe it was true…that he really was the monster that was portrayed in the missive. In that part of his brain, he envied the monster, because even a monster was something to be feared, to be pitied, to be caught and studied. And, most importantly, a monster was alive! A monster had passion and strength (and because of this a monster was unpredictable). In that part of Manx’s brain, the monster even had an identity: “Little Man” AKA “You little monster.” Little Man was a remnant from Manx’s youth, when all adults seemed like monsters, big, scary monsters who doled out trouble on a whim. In Little Man’s world, he was always surrounded by monsters. Manx wished the Little Man would just grow up! It’s true, that once he had lived in a world of monsters, but then he grew up and the monsters got smaller (as he got taller) or they ceased to be monsters…

Batter Up! – By Larry Centor
Micro Fiction / May 3, 2009

The pitcher nodded at his catcher’s signal, glanced at the wisp of smoke that was the leadoff batter, and went into his windup. The ball hurtled straight at the batter, who sucked in some wisp, then bent in toward the plate. “Strike one!” said the umpire, pumping his right fist for emphasis. The wisp whirled around and screamed, “Are you out of your mind? That was inside!” “This is your only warning. I called it a strike. Now face the pitcher, or I toss you.” “You’re going to toss me?” The umpire ripped off his mask, stepped right up to the wisp and bellowed, “You’re outta here.” “You can’t toss me. I’m God!” “You’re a batter in a ballgame – and you are gone!” The umpire turned away, the wisp of smoke following in a series of agitated puffs. “I’m not just a god; I am God,” screeched the wisp. “I don’t care who you are. Here, I’m the boss – and you are gone! Any more and I’ll take it to the league office.” “I am the league office.” “And what would you decide?” asked the umpire, quietly. The wisp seemed to shrink as it turned and trailed slowly…