Meditation 37 – By Anne Brooke

Cover my life
with angels.

Hammer them out
in gold
and place one
at my beginning
and one at my end.

Stretch their wings
wide over my days
so I may hide
within them.

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  1. Anne, just beautiful. Oonah

  2. What a nice sentiment.

  3. I love this meditation/prayer. I plan to read it many times to keep myself on track. Thank you for this gift.


  4. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the poem.


  5. This is gorgeous. It’s like the poem is enveloping you in its hug/prayer. Beautiful!

  6. Thanks so much for the comment, Cath – much appreciated.

    Hugs back


  7. Lovely, Anne. This poem breathes tranquility.

  8. Many thanks, Angel & Jack – much appreciated!


  9. I think angels would prefer that you become involved with other people and not have you hide.

  10. Sometimes you can do both, Roberta, and that’s fine too though …

    🙂 )


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