Price Increase – By John Bruce
Flash Fiction / January 25, 2009

Digital Discipline Technologies, which everyone refers to by its abbreviation DDT, has, like most such places, a company cafeteria in its world headquarters building. It’s proud of its cafeteria. It has a variety of ethnic foods, and it’s been designed to give employees little alcoves where they can eat with a sense of privacy and thereby reduce the stress they build up while working at DDT. In fact, it’s been cited as one of the factors that put DDT consistently on some list or other of the 200 best places to work. “In these difficult economic times,” said R. Bambi Presswell, Senior Vice President for Human Resources in a recent issue of DDT’s house organ, The Digit, “we’re especially concerned at holding the line on prices in the cafeteria. We feel we’re working with our employees to maintain mutual trust and productivity in light of our recent adjustments in health and retirement benefits.” It goes without saying that those adjustments were downward. And whatever the employees saved on the enchilada casserole entrée would definitely not offset those adjustments to health and retirement benefits. Bob Stiles generally ate the spaghetti and meatballs entrée every Tuesday. The meatballs in fact weren’t bad….