Christmas Eve – By Andrew W.B. Smith

I’m in the top bunk because I’m the oldest and a boy.
My sister sleeps in the bottom bunk because she’s a girl and a year younger than me.
I’ve got a stone hot water bottle and push it to the bottom of the bed to warm my feet on.
Mummy says I’ll get chillblains doing that.
My sister hugs her rubber hot-water bottle.
I turn over and pull the window curtain to one side.
I can’t see out the window because of the frost flowers on the glass.
I can’t see out the window.” I whisper.
“Why not?” my sister whispered back.
“Have a look.” I told her.
We kneel on the edge of our beds.
She scratches at the frost flowers with her fingernails.
I can’t do that very well because I bite my nails.
So I melt two holes in the frost and pretend they are binoculars.
“What can you see?” asked my sister.
“It’s snowing.” I answered
“Is it!”
“No. I’m only kidding.”
I like teasing my little sister.
“Has he been yet?” she asks me.
I look down the bed at my empty stocking.
“Do you think Rudolph will like the carrot we left him?”
“He must get an awful lot of carrots tonight.”
“Maybe Santa takes them back to the North Pole for the other reindeer.”
We can hear mummy and daddy talking in the next room.
“Let’s stay awake until he comes.” I suggest.
“Do you think he got our letters?”
“I hope so. We sent them up the chimney ages ago.”
The bedroom door opens and mummy pokes her head in.
“You two not asleep yet?”
“I’m going to stay awake until he comes.” I said.
“I want to see Santa too.” says my sister.
“Get to sleep the pair of you.” says mummy.
“Night night.”
I get a kiss.
“God Bless”
My sister gets a kiss too.
“Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” we chorus.
Mummy tickles my sister and then me.
We both giggle.
The bedroom door closes.
I snuggle down, determined to stay awake until he comes.
My stone hot water-bottle has cooled enough for me to keep my feet on it.
I wonder what chillblains are.
I put my arm around Teddy.
I make a tent out of my pillow so only my nose is out in the cold.
“What?” replied my sister, sleepily.
“Do you think he’ll come?”
“Do you think we’ll get what we asked for?”
I can hear my sister’s waterbottle gurgling as she hugs it to her.
No answer.
I sigh.
I want to stay awake. I really do.
I’ll close my eyes for just a little while.
My sister kicks my bed from underneath.
“He’s been! He’s been!”
My hot water-bottle is stone cold.

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  1. Loved it! Conjured up perfectly times long past … and some not so long past. Nicely written Andrew. btw what did Santa leave you and your sister???

  2. Loved it, I can remember it well. Sue

  3. You captured that heart bursting anticipation on Christmas Eve. Thanks for the story

  4. Very nice Christmas story. Congratulations on your writing piece being published on SSL

  5. Tweet, but excellent for all that. I don’t remember stone water bottles other those seen in museums!!

    Seasonal whatsits to one and all.


  6. Excellent! And so, so true. I can just picture myself and siblings lifting back the ‘magic roundabout’ curtains waiting for santa to come. You know who I am and I’m very proud :o) Love it xxx Any more?

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