Body At The Beach – By Christine A. Kirchoff

December 28, 2008

*Winner of the SSL Writer’s Forum – Micro Fiction Writing Prompt*

The long walk through the park was serene. Coming upon the beach at the bay was even better. I sat for hours at a time here. Watched the waves crash, the boats sail by, my book seemed to always be forgotten and left as I watched the sights. Today however I stumbled across something a bit shocking. A dead body lay in the sand. The blue lips of a beautiful woman that once sprinted upon this earth. Now she was merely fish food or crab food. It was grotesque to be so awed and continue to stare. Then I realized that face belong to someone I knew, my ex wife. Well now, wasn’t this interesting. She was making my life hell and here she is, just corroding away.

I left the beach with a skip in my walk. The shirt off revealed my tanned body and hid the slight stain. She always did know how to ruin a shirt. Full of sand and slightly wet, I whistled. If she was ever found she’d be too hard to identify. Some fish bait tied to her and then out to sea. The bigger fish will surely take care of the rest. What a great day it is to be me.

About the Author

Christine A. Kirchoff

Christine A. Kirchoff currently lives on Long Island New York. Chris recently quit her professional job to pursue her love of writing.. She’s beating away at the keys everyday and getting closer to the completion of her manuscript, SURIVIVAL OF THE BROKEN. Chris often takes a break from her manuscript to go on long walks with her dog and gain inspiration for her recent short stories. Chris is an up and coming young author, one to keep an eye on.

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