To Am-Bush Or Not To Am-Bush – By Jean Blasiar
Flash Fiction / December 28, 2008

In 2005, out of a senior class of 30, Jennifer Torres was one of two voted “Best Debaters of the Year”. The other one was her twin, Sam Torres. Debating had always been a family pastime in the Torres household. Mister Torres had encouraged differing opinions since the children were very young, sometimes to the extreme, at the dinner table. Though never among Mister Torres worst nightmares did he dream that this innocent family pastime would one day split his family in two. That day was January 17th, 2005. Resting on the outcome of Webster High’s annual debate was a one year scholarship to Yale University, the school of the twins’ dreams since they visited the Yale campus as high school freshmen. For the other Torres senior, the one who lost the debate, it would be the affordable State Junior College. The topic of the debate this year, “The Decision to Attack Iraq”, had not been announced until two days before the event, which gave very little preparation time. Worse, Jennifer had drawn the “pro” position. Jennifer, the pacifist, anti-war demonstrator, and founder of the local chapter of Women Against Violence, Etc. (WAVE) suddenly found herself “pro” the decision to…

Body At The Beach – By Christine A. Kirchoff
Micro Fiction / December 28, 2008

*Winner of the SSL Writer’s Forum – Micro Fiction Writing Prompt* The long walk through the park was serene. Coming upon the beach at the bay was even better. I sat for hours at a time here. Watched the waves crash, the boats sail by, my book seemed to always be forgotten and left as I watched the sights. Today however I stumbled across something a bit shocking. A dead body lay in the sand. The blue lips of a beautiful woman that once sprinted upon this earth. Now she was merely fish food or crab food. It was grotesque to be so awed and continue to stare. Then I realized that face belong to someone I knew, my ex wife. Well now, wasn’t this interesting. She was making my life hell and here she is, just corroding away. I left the beach with a skip in my walk. The shirt off revealed my tanned body and hid the slight stain. She always did know how to ruin a shirt. Full of sand and slightly wet, I whistled. If she was ever found she’d be too hard to identify. Some fish bait tied to her and then out to sea….