1. Grace, my younger sister , started story telling at the age of 5. As soon as she reached Primary School she began writing in all forms. I have always loved her poetry which has never been published. Perhaps it is too personal and lovely for her to share. More’s the pity. This story is one I like very much and was glad to see it on my computer. Ruth Gannon

  2. A wonderful mix of history, fiction, and genuine emotion.

  3. “I knew her when.”

  4. Loved the detail, brought back old memories of Boston.Karen

  5. St. Anthony’s Shrine…..i remeber it well. The story is wonderful….and so are grandkids.

  6. Nicee… it was good… I learned something about catholics just by reading a little bit of the beginning..

    Your over the shoulder reader always…


    (Ur Wonderful Garnddaughter)

  7. Once I started I couldn’t stop reading. Great story. Very believable characters. Glad it is on the computer.

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